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We provide a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology.

We offer unique security solutions to all types of clients throughout San Diego County. Learn more about how Bravo Three is a security company set apart from the rest.

We are committed to providing security services for companies large and small, and to helping keep your people and property safe, every day.

Welcome To LA Best Security Inc Solutions

To Guard Your Amenities Is Our First Motive


Count On Us

We will uphold our tradition of excellence in our protective mission through a dedicated, highly trained, diverse, partner-oriented workforce that employs industry best practice and promotes professionalism.


Your Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Our security experts are highly trained in both armed and unarmed settings to ensure your event, residence, or group is protected at all times.


Veteran Experience

With over 75 years combined experience from the US Armed Forces, Private Security Industry and Law Enforcement, our agents have the expertise to make Bravo Three the clear choice for all your security needs.


Clear Communication

We are here for you every step of the way. Never hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts on how we can meet your every need. We strive to be open and communicative at all times.


Securitas is the leading international company specialized in protective services based on people, technology and knowledge.

Let us handle the croud so you enjoy the show

Bravo Three employs top tier operators who handle your situation discreetly and professionally while providing you with a level of personal protection unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Commercial Security is a very valuable asset we provide to our clients. Bravo Three provides both vehicle patrols and full-time standing guards for commercial properties.

Workplace Termination and Violence Prevention is a specialized service that Bravo Three offers as an added measure of protection ensuring your job site, office, etc. remains safe and productive.

Do you want to become a licensed security guard in the state of California? Well you are in the right place. For only $18 Bravo Three offers the initial guard card class online. Complete this course and you will be a licensed security guard in California

This package includes a security guard and a trailer unit (for an additional fee). The trailer unit can be sold or rented to the client. This package is great for clients who need a 24/7 guard service. This service is very popular amongst the following locations:Construction Sites, Mobile Home Facilities



LA Best Security Inc Solutions covers over 150 locations all over the globe plus numerous logistic partner companies from different areas of supply chain.

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