We have built a successful security company on the belief that your security needs are the most important part of our job. Throughout the years we receive repeat business from individuals, companies, and corporations because of the commitment we have made to providing outstanding security services to every client. We tailor our services to your needs.

LA's Best Security Inc, is a one stop security provider for those who need peace of mind. When our officers are placed on the job in a residential community we make sure they are fully trained with the proper customer service skills. Our trained and equipped security officers will be on the job 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the community. All of our officers are uniformed to ensure LA's Best presence.

We are committed to providing security services for companies, whether they're large or small. Corporations need more than just the average security provided, and we can work with you to guarantee peace of mind.

Welcome To LA Best Security Inc,

Where Guarding Your Amenities Is Our First Priority


Count On Us

We uphold our tradition of excellence in our protective mission through a dedicated, highly trained, diverse, partner-oriented workforce that employs industries best professionals.


Your Safety First

Pioneering ventures into little known waters. Our security experts are trained professionals in both armed and unarmed security to ensure your event, residence, or corporation are safe.


Veteran Experience

With over 30 years of combined experience from the US Armed Forces, Private Security Industry and Law Enforcement, our agents have the expertise to make ''LA BEST SECURITY'' the clear choice for all your security needs.


Clear Communication

We are there for you in every step. Never hesitate to reach or contact us with your thoughts on how we can meet your everyday needs. We strive to be open and communicative at all times.


LA Best Security Inc Solutions is the leading international company specialized in protective services based on people, technology and knowledge.

LA's Best is experienced with being entrusted to protect large shopping centers, stores, and a variety of businesses. Our excellent security personnel will be conducting hourly tours to guarantee your business is safe. We'll also provide total protection from both vandalism and theft, along with parking enforcement.

Important events entails valuable assets. You'll want the best in security to cover your event. Here, working with us at LA's Best to handle an event's protection and security concerns will guarantee peace of mind.

Our mission at LA's Best Security Inc, is to be strategic and partner with our clients in order to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security. What creates the distinction between LA's Best Security Inc, and other construction site security companies. It is our specialized expertise in the construction industry.

Looking to become a licensed security officer in California? LA's Best offers guard card classes, training, and we'll even handle the application process for you. Trust us to guide you towards becoming a licensed security guard and receiving your guard card. We offer a hassle free processing. Making sure all your information is correct, we'll send it off electronically, directly to BSIS as opposed to other services sending it via physical mail. This will put your information in the system as fast as possible as opposed to the down-time of waiting for mail to be processed.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1992, LA's Best Security has 25 years of experience in the Private Security Industry. We uphold our tradition of excellence in our protective mission to make our service the best choice for your security needs.

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